Spring Tunes: What we're frothing over.

Spring Tunes: What we're frothing over.

Seeing as though we just employed a bloke to curate the office’s spotify playlist full-time, we thought we’d make use of him and bring you a bunch of songs that we’re Frothing onnnn.

Please feel free to light us up 🔥 if you think they’re trash. We appreciate constructive criticism. 


Surprise, surprise. Frothies are jumping on the DONDA hype train 🚂

Kanye released his long awaited album this week, partnered with a splash of controversy: he didn’t want it released yet? We’re just going to thank Universal Studios for taking one for the team. It was dragging on for wayyy too long anyway. 

Personally, we think old Ye’ has lost the plot after his split with Kimmy. No one in their right mind thinks an album with 27 songs is acceptable. It’s taking our Spotify curator over 3 working days to get through the bloody thing. That being said, we’re going to serve you up our pick of the bunch from what we’ve listened to so far, and that’s “OFF THE GRID”. Kanye brings in Playboi Carti and Fivio Foreign into the studio for this one, with a quick-paced drill beat that’s perfect for pre-game hype, gym sesh or drive to work.  


If you’ve been to any house party or festival in the last year, you well and truly know that ABBA are back (did they ever leave?). Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Has been the anthem through lockdown celebrations and we’re not complaining. It’s a track.

However, that’s not the song under our spotlight. We’ve gone for Madonna’s Hung Up as our throwback hit. Flying under the radar, it uses the ABBA’s sample ‘Gimme’ so naturally, it also slaps. Surprise your mates with this one. Chuck her on during pre’s and watch the room light up. 


This one’s a no brainer. Diplo’s On My Mind is a right banger. In a survey of Australia’s resident club DJ’s, Frothies found that 98.7% of them had been requested this song in the last week by a drunk white girl. Quite the stat really. There’s probably a reason for that though… It's not a bad song. We’re predicting that it’s going to be overplayed and suffer a sad death much like FISHER’s ‘Losing it’. I never want to hear that song again in my life…

Frothies Suggestion: jump on this one while you can, it’s on its last legs to being overplayed. RIP 💀


The late Mac Miller is a musical genius. All vibes, all class and has multiple great songs to his name. One of them being ‘The Spins’. 

Mac’s gone and sampled Empire of the Sun’s ‘Half Mast’ and created a track that has the classic Mac Miller flow, plus a groovy 80’s vibe. What more could you want? 

It makes you feel happy and takes you back to simpler times. If a musician and/or song can have that effect on you, then we’re all about it.

Enjoy this feel good track 🥳

We’re always looking for song suggestions at Frothies. It takes the weight off our curator’s shoulders so he can do things that are actually important to the business. 

Sleeper hit? New release? Throwback? We’re all ears. Email us: marketing@frothies.com

Froth on.

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